Current Resident Monks

Āyasmā Aggacitta


Nationality: Malaysian
Ordained: 29.12.1979
Born: 1954

Pāli scholar, Dhamma practitioner, writer, innovative educator using interactive and experiential approaches; initiated in Malaysia mindful hiking retreats and sutta workshops on topics related to meditation and application of introspective mindfulness in daily life; master of the Vinaya; a self-confessed “truth seeker at heart and Theravāda monk by circumstance”
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Āyasmā Ariyadhammika


Nationality: Austrian
Ordained: 14.07.2005
Born: 1976

Knowledgeable and passionate about suttas and Early Buddhism; Vinaya expert; Pātimokkha reciter; extensive familiarity with meditation methods, as well as customs, practices and interpretations of the DhammaVinaya prevalent in the three main Theravāda countries, having spent five years in Burma, three years in Thailand and three years in Sri Lanka
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Āyasmā Subharo

Nationality: Canadian
Ordained: 30.10.2008
Born: 1976

Enjoys seclusion; reasonable; high willingness to evaluate his own views and preferences in the light of the Buddha’s teachings and then adapt accordingly; can explain complex matters clearly

Āyasmā Devamitta

Nationality: Russian
Ordained: 20.06.2017
Born: 1988

Strong interest in Dhamma and meditation from the perspective of Early Buddhism; keen in Pāli studies; is eager to learn and willing to share the Dhamma; excels in openness; is known to be honest, articulate and humorous

Āyasmā Upekkhādhammika

Nationality: South Korean
Ordained: 14.04.2019
Born: 1982

Familiarity with many meditation teachers and their methods; intend on avoiding extremes and maintaining inner balance; a monk of few wishes who can live simply and in any environment; helpful and soft spoken

Āyasmā Pāladhammika

Nationality: American
Ordained: 14.04.2019
Born: 1994

Of endearing personality; caring and reliable; humble; keen on sutta studies and their comparison with the āgamas and other early Buddhist texts; interest in Pāli pronunciation; delights in forest dwellings

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