Sāsanārakkha Buddhist Sanctuary (SBS) is a monastery for Buddhist monks to deepen their knowledge, practice and realization of the Buddha’s teachings. It was originally meant to answer the urgent calls of primarily the Malaysian Buddhist community, to overcome the acute shortage of suitably trained local monks. Meanwhile, however, SBS has also become a much sought after place for monks from abroad.

Firstly, SBS is a training centre for Theravāda Buddhist monks to learn how to live in accordance with the DhammaVinaya (the name the Buddha gave His teachings) as enshrined in the early scriptures. SBS Monk Training Centre has experienced teachers, comfortable lodgings, a well-stocked library and other facilities for a modern monastic life in a forest setting. The Sanctuary dedicates its resources to groom eligible monks to become conscientious in the study and practice of the DhammaVinaya, and thereby help to perpetuate the Sāsana and protect it from decline in learning, morals and meditative wisdom.

SBS also provides a Retreat Centre to realize its secondary objective: promoting the spiritual, mental and physical health of its supporting community; thus reflecting a healthy Sangha-laity interdependence.

SBS Retreat Centre is ideal for meditation retreats, workshops, forums, camps, seminars and activities that promote spiritual, mental and physical health. Meals, lodgings and other facilities are provided free. Lodging for up to 70 retreatants, plus 2 kutis for teachers are availble.

Activities at SBS encompass: regular Monastic Activities, Kathina Ceremony, Wesak Celebrations, Dhamma Talks, Meditation Retreats, Camps for the Young, Workshops, etc.

Additional information about SBS can be found on our YouTube channel and a large selection of pictures can be viewed on our Flickr profile.

“Sāsanārakkha” [Guardian of the Sāsana] is a compound formed from the Pāli words sāsana and ārakkha. Sāsana is an abbreviation of Buddhasāsana [the Buddha’s Teaching], which is basically three-fold: the study, practice and realisation of the DhammaVinaya. Ārakkha means guardian or protector.

The Sanctuary is the brainchild of Venerable Aggacitta, a Malaysian born and bred in Penang. On the Wesak of 1978 he answered the Buddha’s call to go forth. In pursuit of the pure Theravada teachings, he journeyed to Myanmar and Thailand where he underwent rigorous study and training for 15 years. Five years after his return to Malaysia, he realised the need to establish a centre to train Malaysian monks to live up to the expectations of the Ancient Elders.

Sāsanārakkha Buddhist Sanctuary (SBS), a Theravada Buddhist monk training center, is a joint effort of major Buddhist organisations in the country. It was established in 2000 under the auspices of Taiping Insight Meditation Society (TIMS) / Pertubuhan Meditasi Pemahaman Taiping, an officially registered non-profit religious organisation.

Nestled within an orchard of approximately 10 acres among secluded hills on the outskirts of Taiping, it is removed from the busy, worldly society and provides an excellent environment for spiritual development.

We gratefully acknowledge the inspired support and assistance of all benefactors involved in the development of SBS. The current Organisation Chart can be found here.

SBS functions as two separate entities.

SBS MONK TRAINING CENTRE is nestled in a secluded environment, supportive of the practice and study of the DhammaVinaya. Its facilities comprise of:

  • Sīmā pavilion (functions as assembly and meditation hall)
  • Library
  • Saṅgha Office
  • Classroom
  • Multimedia room
  • Sewing room
  • Saṅgha Central Facilities (stores, bathrooms etc.)
  • Kuṭis
  • Numerous walking paths and outdoor meditation platforms

SBS RETREAT CENTRE is separate from SBS Monk Training Centre. The Retreat Centre’s facilities comprise of:

  • Shrine
  • Office
  • Multi-purpose hall
  • Dining hall
  • Meditation halls set in forested areas
  • Guest lodges for lay activities
  • Numerous walking paths and outside meditation platforms
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point at Greeneries Memorial Park

By Bus/Train/Taxi/Car
Take a bus to Taiping, Perak, Kamunting bus station, or a train to Taiping railway station. Bus and train schedules can be found here.
Then take a taxi in the direction of Taman Saga. Next to Taman Saga is a small road that passes through a Chinese Cemetery. Follow this small road for about 0.5 km to Greeneries Memorial Park.

Once you’ve reached Greeneries Memorial Park, make a call to SBS office (011-1601 1198). We will arrange for you to be picked up by a 4WD vehicle.


Contact SBS Main Office for retreats, events and pickup arrangements from Greeneries Memorial Park.

+60 (11) 1601 1198

Sāsanārakkha Buddhist Sanctuary
c/o: No. 137,  Jalan Desa Jaya 5, Taman Desa Jaya, 34600 Kamunting, Taiping, Perak, MALAYSIA


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