Past Resident Monks

Sayadaw U Thawbita

Nationality: Myanmar
Ordained: 1982
Born: 1960

Lived alone in a cave for 30+ years. Enjoys seclusion, reading Pāli canonical texts in Pāli and Myanmar translation, and meditation; is inclined to memorise and recite preferred Pāli passages

Āyasmā Mahāñāno

Nationality: Malaysian
Ordained: 21.04.1988
Born: 1956

Well integrated in the Thai forest tradition; authored Pāli-Chinese translations; speaks English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Thai and Malay; productive; good sewing skills and sewing teacher; enjoys seclusion

Āyasmā Kusala

Nationality: Malaysian
Ordained: 26.12.1996
Born: 1959

Upholds the ideal of a homeless monk who doesn’t attach to places; a reliable source concerning developments and trends in the Malaysian Saṅgha and for fostering good relationships among its monasteries and communities

Āyasmā Kumāra

Nationality: Malaysian
Ordained: 23.07.1999
Born: 1972

Dhamma speaker and writer. Dhamma coach. Self-taught counsellor. Speaks English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka, and Malay
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Āyasmā Saṅgāmaji

Nationality: Austrian
Ordained: 27.06.2000
Born: 1974

Love and respect for the Dhamma; good knowledge of the Suttas; interest in a simple lifestyle, meditation, training of the mind, and modern psychology wherever it can support the Buddhist path to liberation

Āyasmā Sambodhi

Nationality: Czech
Ordained: 15.07.2000
Born: 1965

Highly conscientious; earnest meditator; enjoys seclusion; can memorize and recite the Pātimokkha; has practiced the Dhamma in many countries and traditions

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