Past Resident Monks

Āyasmā Balacitta

Nationality: Malaysian
Ordained: 08.08.2004
Born: 1964

Strong advocate and good example of a monk who prefers simple accommodations and lifestyle; enjoys seclusion; endeavours to follow the “original teaching of the Buddha” as he understands it through his study of the Pāli Nikāyas; Pātimokkha reciter

Āyasmā Upasama

Nationality: German
Ordained: 18.06.2009
Born: 1970

Extraordinary commitment to the holy life; enjoys seclusion and warm climate; a man of few words, but with a big heart; helpful, polite and responsive to suggestions; likes to memorize and chant Pāli texts, which is one of the rare occasions to hear his voice

Āyasmā Sallekho

Nationality: Canadian
Ordained: 19.07.2010
Born: 1982

At his first Uposatha after ordination A. Sallekho already recited the Pātimokkha himself; keen in Pāli studies; good language skills (fluency in English, Thai, Chinese); enjoys living in the forest; experienced at giving guidance to junior novices and monks; knowledgeable in the Vinaya; keen in learning new skills

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