Past Resident Monks

Āyasmā Viveka

Nationality: Canadian
Ordained: 21.12.2013
Born: 1976

Excels in openness and creative approaches to the Dhamma; introduced “Insight Dialogue” to SBS; values harmony in the Saṅgha and a good cup of coffee (sometimes the latter may support the former); inspiring speaker and educator

Āyasmā Ṭhānuttamo

Nationality: German
Ordained: 09.07.2016
Born: 1987

Diligent and productive; keen in Pāḷi grammar and tipiṭaka/aṭṭhakathā/ṭīkā reading; passionate about traditional root Vinaya observance and practice in quiet, lonely forests; particular interest in the Paṭisambhidāmagga; complementary interest also in Buddhist history and Western Psychology

Āyasmā Nanda

Nationality: Czech
Ordained: 08.07.2019
Born: 1983

Practitioner of open awareness with bent towards introspective contemplation; has high regard for the Vinaya and can grasp complex matters quickly; keen practitioner of Insight Dialogue (by Gregory Kramer); very helpful and diligent in nature

Āyasmā Yogadhammika

Nationality: American
Ordained: 24.05.2020
Born: 1986

Soft spoken and gentle; keen on fostering equanimity and ‘letting go’; a monk of few wishes and a large degree of contentment; values naturalness and non-interference as a means for his personal wellbeing

Āyasmā Kappadhammika

Nationality: American
Ordained: 24.05.2020
Born: 1987

Good Dhamma knowledge due to his liking for sutta studies; knows from personal experience the dangers of sensuality and has strong commitment towards the ending of saṁsāra; free thinker with a distaste for orthodoxy

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