Awaken to Truth in Harmony: A Trilogy

by Āyasmā Aggacitta

Some teachers, each claiming his is the method, tend to dismiss other methods taught by other teachers as wrong. Meditators argue with one another over the same issue. What is the Truth?

Awaken to Truth in Harmony: A Trilogy by Âyasmà Aggacitta gives us an overview of this unhealthy state within the Buddhist community today and shows us how we can awaken to a wide range of Truth in peace and with harmony.

In “Coping With a Handful of Leaves”, he urges meditators to coexist peacefully, each practising the method that works best for him, as what works for one may not work for another.

“Harmony in Diversity” shows how, using doctrinal as well as experiential criteria, meditators can be guided along the Path as to the method of practice that is correct for him.

“Be Truthful About Truth” reminds us that even if one is right, it doesn’t mean that others are wrong, as no one has a monopoly on Truth—not even Buddhists.

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Chinese edition:

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