Dhamma Therapy Revisited: Cases of Healing through Vipassanā Meditation

Compiled by Mahasi Sayadaw – Translated by Āyasmā Aggacitta
Ven Aggacitta coined the term “Dhamma Therapy” in the early 80s while he was translating Ven Mahasi Sayadaw’s compilation of cases of miraculous healing in the course of intensive Vipassanā meditation – cases either related personally by the meditators or recorded by highly competent meditation teachers.

Now, more than 25 years later in the 21st century, scientists are making efforts to verify the positive effects of meditation on physical and mental wellness, and mindfulness-based therapies abound among health practitioners throughout the world. If you or your loved ones have any health issues, the inspiring cases of healing in this completely revised edition, Dhamma Therapy Revisited, will certainly open up new avenues for achieving wellness.

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