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  1. Upasaka Adhicitta

    Dear Bhante, I tried your open awareness method today and it was very helpful.
    I started with free&easy – touch&go.
    After a while the mind was much quicker to settle down onto the breath when i closed my eyes leading to beautifully light states of mind. Thank you so much. After years of practising i think that i finally found – thanks to your method – a better understanding of ‘establishing mindfulness in front/around the body’ before entering breath meditation.
    Intuitively i had some experience with the open and unfocused gaze before, and as a musician i am used to anchor my mind on hearing sound, but it never occurred to me that by switching quickly through the 5 senses that this is a way of settling down the mind more easily. Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu. Thank you, Bhante. Anumodana. _/\_

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