Coping With a Handful of Leaves

by Āyasmā Aggacitta

In Coping with a Handful of Leaves, Ven Aggacitta touches on these issues with reference to the Pali scriptures and contemporary experiences. He reminds us that we should not allow our differences to become a source of disagreement and a cause of disunity. Rather, he urges us to practise unconditional love, mutual respect and sympathetic joy as a means of transmuting our discriminative energy into positive qualities such as strength and unity within the richness of diversity.
Coping with a Handful of Leaves does not only encourage yogis to be brave enough to try other methods of meditation if the first one they have been introduced to is not suitable. It would also help to bring about a paradigm shift in the mental attitude of yogis, irrespective of their methods of meditation.



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