Insight Meditation (Vipassana) in Relations – Insight Dialogue Retreat 人际间的内观修习——慧谈禅修营

Insight Meditation(Vipassana) in Relations – Insight Dialogue Retreat Led By Elizabeth Faria, Jessica Mui and Dave Leggatt (In English & Chinese)

3rd  – 9th Mar 2023



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Introduction to Relational
Insight Meditation – Insight Dialogue

Cultivating wisdom to live in freedom

Insight Dialogue is an interpersonal Vipassana meditation practice building on mindfulness,  wisdom, and our own natural relatedness. It is designed to support the full integration of the meditative process into our daily lives, interpersonal relationship, at home, at work and in the communities we are part of.


Content: During our retreat we will have silent practice and mindful dialogue together in groups of two or more; contemplating Dhamma teachings and the here-and-now experiences.



* Develop kindness, compassion, joy, equanimity and a wise response to the challenges of life.

*Cultivate meditative qualities like mindfulness, calmness of the mind.

*To orientate our day-to-day life towards Dhamma.

language: The retreat will be taught in both English and Chinese(Mandarin) with different teachers.



Elizabeth Faria has offered Insight Dialogue and silent meditation in Australia and Brasil since 2013. She began practicing vipassana on long meditation retreats in 1996, taking a two-year break from work to dedicate time to meditation practice in India, the US, Australia, and Thailand.
She has worked as a psychotherapist for the last 29 years and has long been interested in the integration of the Buddhadharma with neuroscience and psychotherapy.

Jessica Mui has been practising Insight meditation and lovingkindness meditation since 2002. She goes to Myanmar for long retreats with different meditation masters each year. Jessica graduated with an MA degree in Buddhist Studies from the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. In 2006, she helped to found the Hong Kong Insight Meditation Society (www.hkims.org) to share Dhamma and meditation. Since 2018, Jessica has been actively practicing and sharing Insight Dialogue. Jessica lives in Hong Kong.

Dave Leggatt practiced in the Vipassana tradition for many years. He was introduced to Insight Dialogue in 2011 and joined the Insight Dialogue facilitator program in 2016. Since then Dave has been facilitating and teaching in-person workshops, retreats and online offerings. Aware of the importance of spiritual friendship and the power of Insight Dialogue practised in daily life, he enjoys expanding the boundaries of practice for himself and others. He founded the annual Kalyanamittata retreat and offers practice in the global Insight Dialogue community. He is active on a number of community teams. Dave lives in Toronto, Canada.





  • Practise the Pause – for cultivating/establishing mindfulness (the base of the practice)
  • It is a practice of safety to support each other in investigating/trying to understand things as it is right now
  • We try to remain with our practice and try not to burden others with our reaction
  • How is the body feeling right now?


  • To calm ourselves/for calming
  • Physically – ease any bodily tension
  • Mentally – cultivate acceptance or allowing things to be as they are
  • Cultivate an attitude of acceptance/allowing experience as it is now with kindness & with ease

3.  OPEN

  • Inviting us from the base of internal mindfulness to open to the external experience

4.  ATTUNE (to emergence)

  • Be intimate to anicca or whatever emerges in one’s life or the flow of uncertainty or not knowing (“the dance of life”)
  • It is directing our minds towards the flow of anicca as directly as possible this moment


  • What is it we feel as internal?
    What is it we feel as external?
  • Pay attention to the process of listening – the voice, words, body language of the speaker; relate it to the internal

Speak the truth of what we have seen, heard, sensed i.e. our experience



带领老师:Elizabeth Faria,梅斯清和Dave Leggatt



申请静修营,请点击此链接 ⇒ 申请表格


  • 学习如何在关系中修习内观 —— 慧谈
  • 在日常生活中培育智慧,从而自在喜乐的生活。



  • 止语禅修,静坐,行禅,并有二人或小组正念对谈练习,以当下的经验去体验佛法。


  • 培养慈悲喜舍等心灵品质,及如何以智慧去面对生活的挑战。
  • 强化七觉支,如正念,正精进,正定等。
  • 在生活中践行八正道。


伊丽莎白·法里亚(Elizabeth Faria)来自于澳洲,过去 29 年担任心理治疗师。她于 1996年开始修习内观禅,并在2008年开始修习慧谈。于2013年开始起在澳大利亚和巴西教导慧谈和内观禅修,并带领禅修营。Beth的兴趣是将佛法与心理治疗相结合.


梅斯清(Jessica Mui)从2002年开始修习内观和慈心禅。经常去缅甸跟随不同的禅师进行长期密集禅修,至今仍然翻译佛法书籍及帮助禅师口译。2016她参与创办“香港慧观禅修会”。至今仍在大中华地区教授佛法及禅修,并于2018年开始,修习及分享慧谈。

戴夫·莱格特 (Dave Leggatt) 修习内观多年。他于 2011 年开始修习慧谈,并于 2016 年进行推广和教学。Dave重视善友们之间的相互支持,并倡导及推广在生活中践行八正道。他也喜欢为自己和他人拓展实践的界限,为广泛支持全球慧谈活动不遗余力。


慧 谈 修 习 指 引

1.  暂




3.  开


4.  随


5.  深


6.  说











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