具寿奥智达指导福建禅修营 Hokkien Meditation Retreat with Āyasmā Aggacitta

Hokkien Meditation Retreat with Āyasmā Aggacitta

日期  :  2022 年 3 月13 – 19 日
Date :  13 – 19 Mar 2022

地点 Venue : 太平护法苑禅修中心

申请程序 Application Procedures
1. 请把申请表格填写好。如欲下载申请表格,在点击。
Complete the application form. Click: https://tinyurl.com/SBS-HMR-2022

2.  录取规格: 只有能用福建话与他人交流的禅修者有资格申请此禅修营。 如您须要
福建话翻译员的话, 您没资格申请此禅修营。
i.   只会福建话而不懂英语
ii   是太平护法苑或是奥智达尊者的支持者
iii  参与禅修营全程者
Selection Criteria: Only yogis who can converse in Hokkien are qualified to apply for this retreat.  If you need a Hokkien translator, you do not qualify for the retreat.
Priority will be given to applicants
i.   who can speak Hokkien and not English
ii.  are/were supporters of SBS or Ayasma Aggacitta
iii. attending the full retreat

3.  所有被录取者必须于2022年3月13日报到入营
All participants must begin their retreat on 13 Mar 2022

4. 如有疑问,请联络福建禅修营协调员。您可发电邮至
[email protected]  或拨电至011-16011198.
For enquiries
, please contact the HMR Coordinator
either by email  [email protected] or phone 011-1601 1198.







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