Hokkien Meditation Retreat

Hokkien Meditation Retreat with Āyasmā Aggacitta
跟随奥智达尊者禅修 以福建话讲解

Date :  20 – 26 Apr 2020
日期 :  2020年4月20-26 日

Venue:  Sāsanārakkha Buddhist Sanctuary Retreat Centre
地点: 太平护法苑禅修中心

Application Procedures 申请程序:
1.  Complete the application form. To download application form click here.

For those who are unknown to Āyasmā Aggacitta, remember to attach a passport sized photo on the form. Then,
您有两个选择。 (一)把附属的申请表格填写好。 如奥智达尊者不认识    您,请在表格上附加一张护照尺寸的照片

a)  mail the completed form (by ORDINARY MAIL) to 过后, 以普通邮政服务寄至以下地址:
             HMR1 Co-ordinator
             c/o 28 & 30, 1st Floor,
             Jalan Medan Taiping 4,
             Medan Taiping,
             34000 Taiping,
             Perak, Malaysia.
 OR 或者:
 b)  email the completed form to rc@sasanarakkha.org (二)把申请表格填写好后发电邮至以下邮址rc@sasanarakkha.org

Application forms will not be processed if they are 主办当局将不处理以下的申请表格:
i)  incomplete (i.e. missing required information, e.g. email) 资料不全 (如没有电邮)
ii)  illegibly filled out 字体潦草,无法看懂所附资料。

2. Once your form is received at the specified address, we shall acknowledge receipt via email. Thereafter, all
correspondence will be done through email. If you do not get any response 2 weeks after sending your application form,
kindly send the SBSRC Co-ordinator, Ms Lau an email (rc@sasanarakkha.org)
主办当局一但收到您的表格后,将会发电邮通知您。过后, 所有的通讯及联系将以电邮完成。如您把申请表格寄出两星期后
还没收到任何回应, 请发电邮至太平护法苑禅修中心协调员, Ms Lau(电邮:rc@sasanarakkha.org

3.  Selection Criteria: Only yogis who can converse in Hokkien are qualified to apply for this retreat. If you need a Hokkien    translator, you do not qualify for the retreat.
Priority will be given to applicants
i.   who can speak Hokkien and not English
ii.  are/were supporters of SBS or Ayasma Aggacitta
iii. attending the full retreat
录取规格: 只有能用福建话与他人交流的禅修者有资格申请此禅修营。 如您须要
福建话翻译员的话, 您没资格申请此禅修营。
i.   只会福建话而不懂英语
ii   是太平护法苑或是奥智达尊者的支持者
iii  参与禅修营全程者

4.  Period of stay住宿期:
i. All participants must begin their retreat on 20 Apr 2020

5.  For enquiries, please contact the SBS Retreat Centre Coordinator, Ms Lau,
either by email  rc@sasanarakkha.org or phone 011-16011198.
如有疑问,请联络太平护法苑禅修中心协调员, Ms Lau,  您可发电邮至
rc@sasanarakkha.org  或拨电至011-16011198.

Please note 注意:
1. Use your full name as per NRIC when filling out your form.
2. In addition, write your nickname within parentheses after your full name,
e.g. (Andrew, Ah Choo, Ah Hong).
也请把您的小名用括号写在正名后(如: Andrew, 亚珠, 亚凤)
3. Use your name as stated in 1 & 2 above when corresponding with the HMR1
4. Please check your e-mail from time to time, or request someone to do so for you,
so that you can get the latest info.
5. Closing date for application is 20 Mar 2020 or when application is full

Your co-operation in reading all the info in this mail and following the application procedures is highly appreciated.
Thank you & Sadhu.
谢谢您的合作把以上资料读请楚。 也感恩您遵守所有申请程序。善哉。

*Those who are known to Āyasmā Aggacitta do not need to attach their photos.

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