New Meditation Teacher for Guided Retreats

Sis Chuah Ah Hwa started practising meditation in the Mahasi tradition under Sayadaw U Paññāsāmi in 1991at the age of 40. Her other teachers in this tradition include Sayadaws U Janaka, U Rewata, U Dhammapiya, U Rakkhitadhamma, Dr U Sunanda, Jnanapurnik, U Thitzana and U Indaka, Venerables Sujīvo, Aggacitta, Dhammarakkhita and Visuddhācāra, Sayalay Bhaddamānavikā, and Brothers Patrick Kearney and Jeff Oliver.

She also learned “dynamic meditation” in the tradition of Luang Por Tien under Ajahn Suthep and Phra Supachai and other methods from Jing Kuang Sifu, Ajahn Thiradhammo and Ajahn Sucitto.

In the year 2004 she started to learn Open Awareness under Bhante Aggacitta. Because of her good foundation in the Mahasi tradition, she had no problem switching to Open Awareness. Since then her mind was inclined to practise this method because it helped her consolidate all that she had learned from her many other teachers. She considers Bhante Aggacitta as her main teacher although she has also learned a similar approach from other teachers including Sayadaw U Tejaniya, Bhante Kumāra and Bro Hor Tuck Loon & Sis Chan Lai Fun.

Up till now (June 2018) she has attended 68 retreats under various teachers, the longest being 3 months under Sayadaw Dr U Sunanda in Lunas, Kedah.

Languages among which she is knowledgeable in are English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese and Bahasa Malaysia.

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