Spiritual Cultivation Retreat for Youths

Spiritual Cultivation Retreat for YOUTHS

In English & 华语

22 – 29 December 2013

Sāsanārakkha Buddhist Sanctuary, Taiping, Malaysia

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Cultivate your spiritual faculties for the sake of your own freedom!

This is not a concentration camp. In fact, it’s not even about concentration. It’s about cultivating confidence, energy, mindfulness, composure & discernmentThe stronger these are, the freer from suffering you becomeCome and learn how to do it.

Closing date 30 November 2013

Maximum ‘seats’ 20 Males & 20 Females

About the teacher

Kumāra Bhikkhu was ordained in 1999 at the age of 27. With his training in education, he has been sharing the Dhamma in several languages (mainly English, Mandarin and Hokkien) with people old and young. Inspired by his main meditation teacher, Sayadaw U Tejaniya, Ven. Kumāra has been especially interested in spiritual teachings that show how to cultivate wisdom that removes the causes of suffering. Influenced by Bhaddanta Aggacitta Mahāthera, he is open to Dhamma teachings beyond orthodoxy and tradition, so long as they work towards true ending of suffering. Having found his way, he is happy to help others do so too.

Organised and hosted by
SBS Retreat Centre
T/F: 05-8411198 M: 017-5182011 E: office@sasanarakkha.org

What Past Retreatants Say

Bhante’s way of explaining & dispensing his advice is easily understood by a lay beginner meditator like me. The real-life examples that he shared have been very useful in helping us to understand the practice better. From this retreat, I would say that I have found the right teaching for me.
 (from a feedback form)

It was a big eye opening for me in the understanding of Buddhism. For me, it was an experience of having the opportunity to put the jigsaw of learning the Buddhist way of Life together.

The retreat has really benefited me so tremendously that I actually do not know how to express in words…. I do realize that I am calmer and not so impulsive as before. At least I know how to pause and watch my thoughts especially when I start to get irritated. Wah… it’s sort of unique and interesting when I begin to realize that the thought is not actually me, because without this thought I am calm again… Bhante’s teaching is inspiring and a hands-on tool for me, which is priceless…. I really experienced peace inside myself when the chattering in the mind disappeared naturally…. I notice that I am happier, calmer and a better person and have achieved my goal of understanding myself at this moment.

I wish to thank you for the great teaching and advice you shared during the retreat. Khalil Gibran, the poet, once said, “The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.”

After the retreat, I feel physically better and somehow freer but know that I still have a lot to work on. Thank you for teaching the way and the tool of awareness to understand the states of depression better so we know what to do when they come again.

Bhante Kumāra’s teachings & guidance have been a tremendous help towards my practice.
 (from a feedback form)

I would like to express my appreciation and thanks… for making my stay in SBS a ‘life-changing’ experience…. My special thanks to Bhante Kumāra who although only in his late thirties has wisdom beyond his tender years.

Thank you very much for the wonderful retreat. I feel rejuvenated!

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