The Importance of Dana, Sila and Bhavana

Venue: TIMS

That which has a beginning, must have an end. We arrived here at SBS more than 4 weeks ago and tomorrow, it is time for us to leave for Singapore after which, we will be returning to our home in Myanmar. However before I leave, I would like to offer all of you some simple words of advice.

The devotees here have good Dana and Sila but the Buddha also said that besides doing good and avoiding evil, we should also work on purifying our mind. We should practise diligently to acquire all three, namely Dana, Sila, and Bhavana.

Some people think that it is enough just to do good and avoid evil but when an unforseen adverse situation arises, the mind which has not yet been purified does not have the wisdom to guide them and thus they will continue to make mistakes. You need to learn the right way to purify your mind. i.e. you need to have the right attitude, right idea and right information before you can practise mindfulness (Vipassana ) meditation.

You have to be aware of your mind at all times. Basically, you have to know and be aware of yourself both physically and mentally- what you are doing, what is happening, how you are feeling, wherever you go If and when you are aware of yourself in this way, you can apply it to your daily activities and not just during meditation or at a retreat. Always be mindful and when you are mindful, you will have a peaceful life and one that is more meaningful. You will do more right things and bring benefits to your life. You will live in harmony – just like Taiping, the name of the town you are living in.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all members of SBS and TIMS for taking very good care of us and for your outstanding hospitality. We would like to share with you all our kusala and our merits. With the effort of this merit, may all misfortune go away and may you always be surrounded by goodwill and happiness.

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