Feedback from IMP Participants (Bits and Pieces)

Participants give you their evaluation of IMP2

The second Introduction to Monkhood Programme was held from 20 March to 9 April, 2004. Four participants took part in the programme. A fifth, Ven Kavissara, joined as part participant and part observer. We bring you some of the comments from the participants.

Sumutta Chu Leng Hock
Besides talks from SBS monks, it was a good idea to get monks from other places to give us talks. It would be better though if we had been supplied with handout notes. Talks should be longer, say about 1½ hours. I suggest some sessions of informal discussions with Sangha members. My faith in the Triple Gem has become stronger.

Khantibala Wong Tin Song
The programme gave a proper perspective on the forest tradition and proper conduct based on the Vinaya. I was able to experience the way of life of a recluse away from worldly matters. The experience has given me more food for thought on the possibility of becoming a monk some time in the future.

Samanta Koh Meng Hock
It definitely gave me an insight into the life of a monk. Besides, it gave me a chance to enjoy a time of seclusion after a year of taxing study in university. It also gave me the opportunity to know people, monks as well as participants, who are know-ledge-able in the Dhamma. I will treasure this always.

Vidhuma Chiu Sheng Bin
We received systematic and well presented all-round training. It gave me a chance to share, serve and cooperate within community living. A few sessions of informal discussion would have been beneficial. The broad based activities have given me deeper insight into what it is to be a monk. The daily walk for piṇḍacāra could be a bit tiring for some.

Ven Kavissara
Great benefits, both in spiritual and moral development. It has made me more health conscious as I received much benefits from the sessions related to health, such as “Health and Monkhood”, yoga and qigong. I also gained new knowledge on meditation practice. Having more guest speakers share their experiences of Dhamma practice would make the programme more interesting. Fruit flies can be a nuisance to some though. Maybe more insect-repelling trees such as the neem could be planted.

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