Q & A: On Devas and Kamma

Venue: TIMS

Ven Veradhammo answers some questions which have been put forward by devotees

Question: Why is it that devas no longer come to the human realm as they did in the past?

Answer: They do. There are many types of devas. Before the time of the Buddha, some higher devas came to learn from humans and vice versa. During the time of the Buddha, many higher devas came to learn from the Buddha. Nowadays, only the lower devas come, such as water bound devas, earth bound devas, tree bound devas, etc.

Question: Can the good or bad karma of one generation be inherited by the next generation?

Answer: Not in the sense that children will inherit the good or bad fruits of the father’s karma. It seems so because people who have the same type of karma will be born in similar circumstances. For example, children in a rich family are there because their good past karma have given them rebirth in such circumstances.

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